Why you should vet your tax preparer

Tax season is approaching. That means professional tax preparers who do taxes and financial planning for a living will be super busy. It also means retail tax preparation companies will be hiring temps for tax season and then laying them off on April 16. You should get a full-time professional.


Why a full-timer?

The full-time tax preparer is committed to this profession. He has professional certifications and licenses that reflect his time and energy commitment. He has years or even decades of experience with tax returns and financial planning. Dave Fechter has 30 years’ experience. He sees what triggers IRS audits and helps you avoid filing returns that catch the IRS’ attention.


Avoid a part timer

Tax season runs January 15- April 15. Tax prep companies hire part timers, provide 10 hours of training and then let them file tax returns. Your situation may require additional forms and work. If your tax preparer is paid by the number of returns he files, he may skip your Due Diligence just to get the return done. He gets paid on the number of returns filed, not his Due Diligence with you.


What to do

Ask you tax preparer how long he has been in this business. Ask what he does outside of tax season. Ask about his continuing education, certifications and licenses. Dave Fechter does this full time, has for 30 years and is a licensed CPA. For help with your tax returns or finances in general, contact Dave Fechter, CPA at (916) 984-2081.


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