You deserve a professional tax preparer

Who is preparing your tax return?

Tax season is coming. That means:

  1. Retail tax preparation companies are about to start flooding our TVs with ads.
  2. People who prepare their own returns get mean and frustrated, especially in early April.
  3. It is time to decide what level of quality you want in your tax preparer.

What are your expectations?

You can go for low price. Yes, I’m talking about the retail tax preparers you see on TV. They offer a fixed price and quick turnaround. What the ads don’t tell you is the tax preparers they hire as temps get a few days of training and then go to work preparing and filing tax returns. Retail tax preparers make money on how many returns they file. This works against you, the client, because your preparer can skip forms and details that would generate larger refunds for you. Remember…. they get paid on how many returns they file, not for covering all the issues.


You can go for reasonable price and get high quality. Dave Fechter has over 30 years’ experience, both working for the State of California and in running his own practice in Folsom. He meets with every client in person, he learns what they do for a living and what papers they keep. He then prepares a high-quality return that includes deductions you deserve without catching the attention of the IRS’ audit-flagging computers. Dave’s prices are competitive with the retail tax preparers. We are providing a professional service here.


Your decision

Don’t you think your tax returns deserve professional attention? For help with your tax returns or finances in general, contact Dave Fechter, CPA at (916) 984-2081.




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