Can you get an IRS audit if you work for someone else?

The IRS audits employees too

Some people think they will never have an IRS audit because they work for someone else or have money deducted from each paycheck. That is not the case.

You must maintain good records

Heather is a single mom in El Dorado Hills. She works for a medical organization and receives a good paycheck. “It would be better,” says Heather, “if Uncle Sam didn’t take out so much money every two weeks. But I guess that’s ok. I will never have an IRS audit. They already get my money. They do not have to audit me.”

Heather is sadly mistaken. 

One day, Heather receives a notice from the IRS Audit department. They want to audit last year’s tax return. They question her claim that she had $4,000 of job hunt expenses, that she spent $9,000 on medical costs and that she put money into an IRA.

She asks a friend to refer a CPA. Her friend refers Dave Fechter, CPA, in Folsom. This will be her first IRS Audit. She schedules an appointment then meets Dave, who has been helping people respond to IRS audits in a calm, patient and professional manner since the 1980s. He comforts her and tells her what documents she needs to produce. They work together, assemble the necessary documents and send a polite response to the IRS agent. 

A few weeks later, the agent responds. He says there is no need to adjust the tax return. The audit is closed. Heather jumps for joy. Dave Fechter has another success story.

Your takeaway

Everyone is subject to an IRS Audit. Even if you get money deducted from your paychecks, you probably are claiming other deductions. Make sure you keep all relevant papers. Also, make sure you have a seasoned CPA who can help you respond to the IRS audit letter in a calm, patient and professional manner.

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